2024 Summer (July-Aug) Term Online Courses Schedule:

1. Tuition: EARLY BIRD PROMOTION: (Expires on June 28, 2024)

One course: $199, Original tuition $299

Select any two courses: $349 for two

Study Term: July 2 - August 29, 2024

Weekly, 1 Hour/lesson, 8 lessons in total

2. Special courses Weekly Online Class:, EARLY BIRD PROMOTION: (Expires on June 28 2024)

1.5 hours/lesson, 7 lessons and 10.5 hours in total

Tuition Fee: $269, Original tuition $399

3. iSTEAMC Research Writing and Publishing

Weekly, 5 Group Lessons and 1-on-1 Professor of Ohio State University 5 Private Lessons

Publishing paper on the iSTEAMC International Journal

Tuition: $1399

4. One-on-One Private Online Lessons:

Private Customize courses only for your child, and he/she can take any or mix subjects, please contact us at info@canadaspellingbee.com for more detailed info

● Your child will receive:

Homework after each lesson

Two Mid-terms and One Final Exam for checking learning results in a school year

Debate competition or Mock Bee competition at the end of the school year

Report Card by our professional teacher

Certificate issued by CSSB

● If you prefer to register the courses on paper: please

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Courses Descriptions

Our Experienced and Excellent Teachers

Online Courses Registration

The Method of Payment: Visa, Master card, E-Transfer and Cheque.
Cheque Payable to: Canada Super Spelling Bee Inc.
E-Transfer: info@canadaspellingbee.com

General Information and Refund Policy:

1. General Information

1.1. All tuition-related fees must be paid by the due dates as outlined in the schedule published on the CSSB website.

1.2. CSSB reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule courses.

1.3. Incomplete/Fail: The final grade given to a student who has failed to meet course requirements (e.g. non-passing grade on knowledge checks, assignments or quizzes, failure to attend some/all courses, etc.).

1.4. No Show: A student who registers for a course, but does not attend the study course, and/or not engage with the course content, and/or not respond to reminders from teacher and CSSB.

2. Refund Policy

2.1. Tuition fees should be paid online using the CSSB online registration system at the time of registration.

2.2. Discounts cannot be combined for course registration.

2.3. Discount portion of Special tuition cannot be refunded after payment complete.

2.4. Fee deadlines are firm and strictly enforced.

2.5. Regarding fee discussion, please email to info@canadaspellingbee.com

2.6. Any fee refund will concur an administration fee of $30.

2.7. All the courses can be applied for a refund before the first lesson starts, otherwise, tuition will be saved as a credit for future use.

2.8. If you choose to switch the class, The difference in price between the new class and the original class should be paid.

2.9. A full refund will be provided if a course has been cancelled by CSSB. The administratiom fee will be waived.

2.10. No refunds will be given for No Show as defined above.

2.11. No refunds will be given to students receiving an Incomplete/Fail as defined above.

2.12. Refunds will be issued to the original method of payment. Issued refunds by CSSB may take up to 10 business days for processing.

Online Courses Registration

About Us:

Canada Super Spelling Bee is a not-for-profit organization committed to promoting English literacy through the Spelling Bee. We have a club for students to have fun, socialize and learn in a productive environment. Canada Super Spelling Bee has a large number of experienced professional English teachers and a number of World Champions as VIP coaches. We organize various spelling competitions across Canada to provide different platforms for spellers to not only improve their English learning skills, but also strengthen their communication skills, social skills and enhance their self-confidence for future life.