Q: What is the Canada National Spelling Bee competition?

A: The School Spelling Bee competition is an opportunity for students from our Online Courses and from various schools to compete in a large spelling bee competition. The competition will be held in Spring 2023 (more details are to come). Students will be in a large group and will take turns until there is a winner.

Q: When is the School Spelling Bee?

A: The School Spelling Bee will be held the Before March 31 2024.

Q: How do I register my school?

A: You register at our website, (www. canadaspellingbee.com) click on the competition menu button and select ‘School.’ You will need to fill out all the information that’s required. We also have a paper registration form if that method is preferred.

Q: What should I fill out for ‘Leader’s name?’

A: The leader name could be a teacher or student representing your school or group.

Q: What do we have to do as a school?

A: How the school decides to organize the spelling bee competitions is up to them. It can be just a grade event, class event, or even a school wide event. Canada Super Spelling Bee can provide some guidance necessary to aid with the competition. However, we do not come in and organize the entire competition.

Q: What is the age range?

A: We are looking for students that are 7-14 years old.

Q: When is the registration deadline for schools?

A: The registration deadline for schools is Feb 28, 2023

Q: When must schools complete their spelling bee competition?

A: Schools must be done their spelling bee competitions no later than March 31, 2024

Q: How do I submit my top three spellers to Canada Super Spelling Bee?

A: You can send us their names, age, and contact information (phone number, email, address) to us by email at info@ canadaspellingbee.com or by phone at 613-422-6688.

Q: How many spellers can attend the International Spelling Bee?

A: We’re hoping to bring no more than 20 students to represent Canada. These students will be chosen from the top 20 finalists from the National spelling bee.

Q: When is the International Spelling Bee?

A: The International Spelling Bee Online Championship will be in July of 2023

Q: What is the top prize for the National Bee?

A: The top prize will have a cash prize, medals and Trophy

Q: What is your contact information?

A: Address: 1390 Prince of Wales Dr. Suite 304 K2C 3N6, Ottawa ON Canada
Phone: 613.422.6688
Email: info@canadaspellingbee.com
Website: www.canadaspellingbee.com

Q: What are the CSSB Online Courses?

A: Visit our website for up to date information on dates and times for our Online Courses.